… the comfortable contact diary

Tell-Trace is a contact diary app that can significantly increase the memory of most people of encounters with others – with the help of the location records of the mobile phone.

Tell-Trace shows all your whereabouts and the people you were with at a glance. You decide with your personal settings, according to spatial and temporal intervals as well as length of stay, how precisely you want to determine your encounters and add the people you have met or already know from your contact list to the meeting points created in this way.
In this way you will know who you have met, when and where, even after a long time, and you will remember the name and context more easily. You decide which periods of time you want to record, whether permanently or for a few months; the basic setting covers a period of 14 days.

Finally there is a simple and comfortable way to completely record all of your encounters, even if it is just a short stay at the kiosk or in the flower shop. Tell-Trace is your memory aid.


Tell-Trace only saves your movement data and contacts encrypted on your own mobile phone! No data is transmitted to other devices or services. Neither the data nor part of the information is recorded or evaluated by other systems.
The programming was developed on the basis of open source technologies and can be checked at any time.
If the basic settings are not changed, Tell-Trace automatically deletes all data that is older than 14 days. The user can decide for which period and how precisely he would like to keep his contact diary. The app and the recorded data can be deleted at any time.
The keeping of the contact diary depends on the personal settings of the user and his care. TELL-SEC has no access to, or the possibility of intervening, the user’s data and therefore assumes no responsibility for the personal entries recorded. There is no backup of the recorded data.
All data is encrypted on the mobile phone and protected by a personal password. When a panic password is entered, all stored data is deleted immediately in order to rule out any access and misuse by third parties.

Pandemic Follow-up

Tel-Trace was developed at a time when the world is suffering from the effects of pandemics and infectious diseases. During such a time it is good and helpful to keep an exact contact diary for overriding reasons. Tell-Trace thus meets the legitimate demand for measures to specifically contain pandemics and can be used in an ideal way to trace chains of infection.
The user can add meeting information to the time-place coordinates noted by Tell-Trace. These entries can also be made with regard to suspicion of a perceptibly increased risk of infection with a virus. This can also be personal or general information.
The contact diary created in this way can then be made available to the responsible health department for the relevant period of the currently last 14 days. However, only the data that the user expressly wants to transmit is transmitted to the health department. The place-time coordinates, i.e. the personal movement profiles, are of course not transmitted.
If Tell-Trace is installed for the purpose of infection tracking, the app can simply be uninstalled without leaving any residue after the danger situation has ended.