Privacy Matters.

We worry about your privacy so you don’t have to. We build secure and private applications that run in public and private clouds.


    • is an independent Swiss company that operates globally from the start.
    • is organized as a network of independent minds who cooperate on an equal footing.
    • is an independently coordinated Brainforce.
    • is based on optimized and internally coordinated processes.
    • draws on extensive solutions and experience – and thus uses hidden reserves.
    • can rely on the competence and convictions of those involved.
    • works with an interdisciplinary focus on innovative, practically feasible solutions.
    • provides complete solutions with ID-Call and Tell-Care.
    • creates completely new solutions that will change the market with a manageable budget.
    • is still self-financed up to now.

The roof of TELL-SEC

ID-Call and Tell-Care are two examples of solutions that are based on our Brainforce network experience and achievements from years of work with the basics and special
features of IT communications. They are the first of a series of solutions that have been in preparation for a long time, which strive for a secure Internet. This is intended to restore
the user control over his own data.

The creeping process of appropriating and evaluating personal data is becoming increasingly problematic. The Cambridge Analytica scandal, which highlighted the impact of data abuse on the Brexit vote and the election of the US president, was a wake-up call for many users.

TELL-SEC will also set an example here with its own messenger. Together with a mail and a browser solution, a secure and encrypted communication basis is created that protects governments, companies and all other conscious users from unwanted web actions and hidden data mining.
At the same time, a protected workbench is created for modern and secure solutions, e.g. in the field of secure communications and Fintech applications.

TELL-SEC makes the difference

TELL-SEC stands in the tradition of Wilhelm Tell – “Independence”. This not only applies to the exclusion of unwanted advertising or data misuse, it stands for the exclusion of all open or covert access to the personal values of people in the 21st century, which increasingly consist of information. TELL-SEC therefore also stands for target accuracy in the creation of solutions, knowing fully well that a slight deviation from the target would be our own damage. We have thus narrowed down the actual difference: it is the trust that users have in us, and that is also the most important building block for the success of our solutions.

Our products: