Authenticate users easily, securely, inexpensively and reliably via their mobile phone.

ID-Call is an extremely user-friendly, innovative verification system for the secure 2-factor authentication of app users via their mobile phone number.

ID-Call identifies and authenticates the mobile phone number of a user in two steps:

    1. Identification of the mobile phone number
    2. Authentication of this mobile phone number for the desired app

ID-Call is the B2B solution for user authorization that the world has been waiting for.

ID-Call cell phone number authentication

PayPal cell phone number authentication

Comparison ID-Call vs PayPal cell phone number authentication

The complex processes for downloading an app and the associated installation with the granting of rights, registration and user authentication lead over and over to incomprehension, open questions and misunderstandings by users, up to not using an app or even uninstalling it.

Since September 14, 2019, two-factor authentication has become mandatory for online purchases in accordance with the PSD2Payment Services Directive 2 directive of the EU. Providers of online solutions are forced to require a second authentication of the application users – which gives the market for authentication solutions further strong impetus.

TELL-SEC’s unconventional solution for this is ID-Call. This new development is based on devices that use mobile telephone networks (including the GSMGlobal System for Mobile Communications standard) as the basic communication technology. While practically all other registration procedures only run over the Internet, ID-Call is a combination of simultaneous Internet and GSM communication and can therefore not be manipulated over the Internet.

TELL-SEC uses ID call as a authentication procedure, especially for immediate, reliable initial authentication of users. The ID call is secure because it uniquely identifies the sender’s GSM device in both directions. Previous methodsĀ  use one-way SMS communication. In this case, the operator sends an SMS to the user, whereupon the user uses the information contained there for verification. This old method is cumbersome, expensive and unreliable because not every SMS is reached or recognized by the recipient.

The ID call is based on an invention for which a patent is pending and is the only really secure solution for authenticating users in virtual space. It allows the unambiguous assignment of the GSM device with which an inquiry or a business transaction is made. It allows the unambiguous assignment of the GSM device with which an inquiry or a business transaction is made. Almost 99% of young people around the world today have such a device. Nowadays, the mobile number is the only technical feature that is always up-to-date and can actually be clearly assigned to the user for his accessibility and authentication.

The ID-Call uses the mobile number for verification and authentication. With the ID-Call, trolls and bots can be reliably excluded. Tampering with the authentication with the ID-Call can be ruled out, as the verification itself does not run exclusively over the Internet, where hacked or simulated pages and information are trapped over and over again. The authentication via ID-Call meets the highest security requirements and overcomes the uncertainties of other methods such as SMS-based verification.

ID-Call is a product with great potential, as the virtual business volume through the many messenger services, app providers and more and more service providers such as Uber create a very large market. WhatsApp has well over a billion users and Uber well over 100 million. Verification and authentication is a growing market in terms of both size and importance. Diverse applications that depend on security and time behavior as with many online banking solutions, promise high sales. Companies that are currently leaders in this field using conventional methods, such as Twilio, show a market value in billions.

Since ID-Call was invented in January of this year, after thorough patent research, it was applied for a patent in April 2020. This has been technically implemented and extensively tested since January 2020 and is now available for immediate international roll-out.

For TELL-SEC, ID-Call is an important component for further IT communication solutions, both as a technical component and for its own funding. The ID-Call product is now time to market and that is an important reason why the financial requirements for the development of further planned TELL-SEC solutions in the planning calculation remain so modest.

ID-Call is offered both as a general verification service and as a license model for large customers.