Privacy Matters.

Digital, proactive, anonymous pandemic handling


… cause digital contact tracking must be given the right to privacy even in times of pandemic!

The TELL-SEC pandemic solution “Tell-Care”

The first reports of Covid 19 prompted our team to develop a solution for spread control based on Bluetooth technology in January of this year. The team has more than 20 years of experience with nearfield communication solutions, especially Bluetooth technology (including “Blue Message” Messenger for Symbian).
TELL-SEC realized that there is still no internationally coordinated and effective strategy to contain pandemics with regard to the use of apps.

The national developments of apps in some countries like Germany were strongly influenced by data protection concerns. This explains the decision in favor of a decentralized solution and the activation of the app, which is the responsibility of the user. The surveillance authorities cannot adequately control the infections with the existing app.

It is astonishing that private companies such as Google and Apple can happily link the anonymous data with the data and metadata known to them, in contrast to the authorities, who now suffer from the fact that so few users – apparently because of a lack of trust or fear before the data absorbing giants — do not use the official Corona app. Thus, an already limited control instrument will become completely unusable over time.

State-operated apps are subject to various high requirements, requirements for data protection and state law provisions. In particular, the data exchange of personal information with other countries is made more difficult by political and legal hurdles. Companies under private law such as Google, Apple or Facebook are not subject to such restrictions.

As a private company from Switzerland, TELL-SEC therefore offers a solution as an “app of the apps” which can make a major contribution to fully ramping up the economies of the countries — without having to accept significant restrictions in social life.


is an app-based, digital, modular pandemic handling system with the highest demands on the data protection of our users.

Tell-Care Installation with ID-Call authentication

    • All data on the mobile phone, during data transmission and on the server are always encrypted. It is a complete A-Z protection of all data any time.
    • Very little event-related technical data is recorded.
    • There is no geographical or country-specific assignment.
    • No personal data is collected.
    • The type of data and their processing can be publicly checked.
    • Tell-Care is said to be under the authority of the WHO.
    • The app works across countries and regions and thus captures relevant mobile target groups.
    • The app is largely able to process the technical data of all other national Corona apps.
    • The app can also be used on older cell phones and thus ensures greater coverage.
    • It generates access signals, QR codes and orientation information without delay.
    • With “Places”, TELL-SEC offers an add-on solution for highly frequented places and events that can analyze and calculate clusters and spread patterns.
    • The TELL-SEC solution supports further measures according to possible escalation levels.
    • The TELL-SEC solution uses the ID-Call as a secure authentication method in the event of a positive case diagnosis.
    • Users can anonymously obtain more information on case-related reports, create their own history and thus make risks more transparent and proactively control their physical activity.